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Book a week challenge – I’m reading 52 books in 2021

So if you follow along on my Instagram at all, you know I am REALLY into books and reading. But in 2021 I’m taking my reading to the next level – I’m going to read one book a week, 52 books in 52 weeks! *dramatic movie noise* Back in high school I was always the […]


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Sullivan Photography Property Tours

Sullivan Photography is growing! I am adding some new services that I’m super excited about! So a little secret, I LOVE wedding & engagement photography, crazy right?! While it is definitely my favorite thing to shoot for sure, it’s not the only thing I enjoy shooting! Yeah, I have dabbled in a lot of different […]




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Nick Sullivan is a professional wedding & engagement photographer based in Frederick MD, capturing memories in MD, PA, VA, and wherever love stories are written.

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