Book a week challenge – I’m reading 52 books in 2021

So if you follow along on my Instagram at all, you know I am REALLY into books and reading. But in 2021 I’m taking my reading to the next level – I’m going to read one book a week, 52 books in 52 weeks! *dramatic movie noise*

Back in high school I was always the kid that, when I wasnt being a perfect student and paying attention *nervously tugs collar*, was in the library picking up a new book, BUT I was also the kid who was always getting extended check out times on those books because I was a SLOW reader and I cant emphasize enough -SLOW-. Two weeks to read a single book? psh if I was lucky ( I may or may not still have one or two of those books). As I got older thankfully that faded a bit as my attention span grew from a single grain of rice to maybe 5 grains of rice.

Fast forward to 2020. I’ve had A LOT of spare time, I’m sure some of you can relate so I really dug into my books more and finished more then probably any other year, also finishing a book in record time for me 4 DAYS! I know for some of my friends thats normal but for someone working with an attention span like mine its an accomplishment. Anway those two things got me thinking of setting a book goal for 2021, why stop when you already have the momentum right?

“Okay so you’re going to read more but whats the point?”

Fair question! I love seeing my pile of finished books stack up and visualising accomplishment, plus the thrill of picking a new book up and starting a new adventure, but there is more to it. I want to focus on absorbing more from the books, things I can apply in my personal life in my business, and just generally benefit from by getting key points from them, which is why I made this!

A little book log template, to help make digging into and extracting information I personally find useful a bit easier! Which you can download a copy of HERE if you want to use it for your reading! Sticking to the idea of what I can gain from the books I plan to expand my reading list to be more diverse. I do read a variety of books now but the majority still fall into the general fiction category which, don’t get me wrong, are still valuable and will be on the list; but they arent going to be the main meat of my challenge I will be including more topics like, history, biographies, self-improvement, skill development, business & finance as well as fiction. Just to make the challenge more dynamic and the range of benefits broader!

A few friends have asked what will be on the list. I haven’t picked all 52 because who knows what I will want to read 6 months from now. I might do individual blog posts on some books throught out the challenge, but here are a few that are on my list, I’ve included links to them if you want to check them out for yourselves!

Now here is a challenge for YOU! If you are a big reader I challenge you to read something different! Step outside of your normal genres, a new style or a new writer. If you are sitting there thinking “i’m really not a reader at all” then I challenge you to read a book next month (audiobooks count too). Take one from my list or ask your friends for a suggestion and you might be just need to find the right book! If you are interested in following along with my reads I will be sharing them on my instagram stories weekly so check it out!




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