Romantic sunset engagement session in historic downtown Annapolis, Maryland.

Walking to where our engagement session would start I was so excited to capture what Annapolis had to offer, all the gorgeous old buildings and streets filled with history only got better when Justin & Oksana stepped into the frame!

I’ve recently found myself shooting engagements in old town Annapolis A LOT, and I am not even the smallest bit upset about it. To say it’s beautiful is truly an understatement, really it’s one of those locations where you get there and have more spots to shoot at than you could possibly fit into just one engagement session, and if you are a photographer then you know exactly just how great of a problem that is to have! With Justin & Oksana, we fit in a lot of those great spots!

I absolutely loved, getting to spend this evening with these two. Oksana & I went to high school together, so catching up on what we have been doing since we saw each other years ago, and chatting about their wedding plans made this evening just fly by. Our session wrapped up with the perfect glowing light on the waterfront of Annapolis Harbor. Well technically that’s where our session ended, but we decided to grab some beer & food at the nearby Dock St. Bar & Grill, where I couldn’t help to take a few more bonus photos!

You can check out Justin & Oksana’s wedding at Springfield Manor on the blog here.




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