Celebrating Milestones – College Graduation Photos at Blackrock Center for the arts

My friend Melissa e-mailed me about a recent milestone and wanted to celebrate with some college graduation photos! So I drove to Germantown, Maryland; and celebrate we did with a GREAT photo shoot.

Melissa & I have been friends for years and as long as I’ve known her she has always been so creative and into many different types of art. In fact, one of the very first times I can remember hanging out with her, we covered the dining room table and got out ALL the paints and painted, we proceeded to make a mess and she didn’t even care. What a trooper!

Fast forward to now, she has taken her love of the arts added a ton of hard work, and turned it into a degree in art & illustration! That is a milestone that definitely earned a celebration. I’m so happy for her and all she has accomplished. If you want to check out some of the work that she has made you can visit her Instagram @illustrordinary

For Melissa’s shoot, since her degree was in the arts we thought it would be cool to shoot at an art gallery, So we met up at Blackrock Center for the Arts around sunset and got some great including some inside the center! Here are a few from the session I hope you enjoy!




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