Shelby Turns Five – A Sunny Fall Evening Session

After just a few minutes of shooting, Shelby came up to me with a massive leaf in her hand, as always! It’s almost a guarantee, that when I have an opportunity to work with the Horn family, Shelby will find the BEST leaf or small plant around and bring it up to me to show the camera!

It’s always such a fun feeling when past clients come back and book with me again and again! Each shoot is more fun than the last and you learn so much about people’s personalities. I’ve been able to work with Matt, Julie, & Shelby for years now; with family photos and for all of Shelby’s milestones. and I’ll tell you it’s ALWAYS a good time! Getting to see the joy that Shelby brings to her family as she has grown is something I continue to look forward to capturing.

Shelby turned five this year. She always starts out just a little shy, but it’s only a short time before that same great, and goofy personality shows up. I can’t wait to see you all again for our next shoot!




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