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Sullivan Photography is growing! I am adding some new services that I’m super excited about!

So a little secret, I LOVE wedding & engagement photography, crazy right?! While it is definitely my favorite thing to shoot for sure, it’s not the only thing I enjoy shooting! Yeah, I have dabbled in a lot of different types of photography; but something that has appealed to me for a while is property photography and the idea of doing Airbnb photos across the country as well as photos for interior designers (which if you have followed along in my journey for a while you may have seen before). That brings me to what’s happening now.

Currently in the works is the second branch of Sullivan Photography It is called Sullivan photography property tours, where I am offering Matterport virtual tours, real estate photos, and possibly a couple more things that I’m going to keep quiet about until I am ready to jump all into it (it’s all still in the works). I know to a lot of people it may sound boring, but not to me – it’s so much fun to be able to see people’s homes and maybe have a part in helping them into their next chapter of life by getting a new home or maybe their first home! I’m not even going to get into the fun Airbnb can be LOL, pretty sure there will be a blog post on that eventually.

Before the mess that is 2020 hit, I worked a day job and photography was the part-time gig that I did on weekends and off days. It was growing slowly, but with the challenges of returning to that day job not completely figured out, I decided I would take this time to work closer to my goal of doing photography full time, even if not full time as a wedding photographer (yet); which for all my wedding industry friends reading this, has been HARD to do in 2020, amiright?

With 2020 being the way it is virtual services have seen more attention than in past years so I wanted to jump in and see if I could mix that need with my ever-growing interest in the real estate and property field of photography, thus the idea was born. *Buys new camera* and who do I call right off the bat you ask? My sister Amanda, who just so happens to be a real estate agent, seriously how convenient. Within the week, being as awesome as can be, she had two listings that I could come work on. She is the MVP.

I don’t need to tell you I am excited to see where it goes. Things are still in the works but there are plans coming about. There is a lot of potential for growth and different avenues I could take it in, and one I am super excited to explore is Airbnbs. I have an obsession with Airbnb lol maybe a problem but I’m sure its FIIIINE. I will keep you up to date maybe a Pt.2 to this post at some point in the near future. Ready to see how it goes? Then come follow along with Sullivan photography property tours!

In case you’re interested I am going to include one of the tours below and links to both of her listings as well. Feel free to look!!!

Sullivan photography property tour gear. Apple pencil, apple ipad, 360 camera.

Amanda’s Realtor profile

Crisfield listing




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