Jenn & Manuel – Longwood Gardens Sunset Engagement Session

“I knew something was special from the first time I asked her out … it was a very special moment and she has been on my mind since.” – Manuel

Manuel knew there was something special about her since their first date at the Red Lobster. He knew she was the one. I could see just how much she means to him every time he looks at her. Manuel was so friendly and smiley when I introduced myself in the visitors center (while we waited for Jenn to retouch her makeup and change into her first outfit for the shoot), but when she came out his already friendly smile lit up the room even more!

This engagement comes with a little story that is super neat (to me at least)! Jenn & Manuel offered to meet me halfway for our session, so I knew I would have to do some searching since it wasn’t in my area. So I got to work looking for some places to shoot, sent over a few options, and when Jenn saw Longwood Gardens she KNEW that was the place. Turns out this is one of the places her parents went to when THEY were dating years ago!!! Being able to get photos of the beginning of their adventure together in a place that had sentimental value made it all the more personal. The beautiful location and the even more beautiful couple was worth every minute of the drive.

Jenn & Manuel, between the small glances when you thought no one was looking, the personal words amongst yourselves that kept you two smiling and laughing almost the whole evening, and the game of “Who is more likely to…” in the beer garden, I never felt for one second that you two weren’t perfect for each other! The care you have for each other is so apparent and thank you so much for letting me be a part of it and document the beginning of your adventure. I can’t wait to work with you again during your big day!

To Jenn …  From Manuel
“Since the first time I spoke to you about my intentions you have become very special to me, my princess . . . I feel like a piece of me is missing when you aren’t around. I love your sweet smile, and your expression of love brings me to love you even more everyday.”




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